Saturday, August 09, 2014

"We Both Know" Part Two: IKEA TRENDIG

My friend Stella is a lovely girl, We talk each other when we can and this friendship is Flawless. This time, I brought something to you all but for my friend, these Lovely Items from the IKEA TRENDIG Catalog from 2013, this is the continuation of some goodies that between my friend and I, have done.
Hello Simmers!
As I told before this is the continuation of something "old", between my friend and I, we have done some objects, I started first with the "Captastic" Collection, it is the IKEA TRENDIG Stool & IKEA TRENDIG Round Table both available Here at my blog; While my friend has done the Lovely IKEA TRENDIG Chair, a Great one that you can get Here on her blog :]

This is a Small collection, since I wanted to continue the "WE Both Know" Collection here it is a tiny gift for Stella, the IKEA TRENDIG Trolley & IKEA TRENDIG Boxes —It seems to not be available anymore—.

Both files are Fuctional, the TRENDIG Trolley acts like a Coffee Table and the TRENDIG Boxes in both sizes work as Storage, you can put your favorite things on these Boxes because it works as the "Pixel Cloud" Paper Bag that I posted before.

Some other pics of it:

There are 46 Slots on this table, all enabled for Fuctional & Decor: Small, Medium & Big; you can put food on them, I made these for that since I wanted a Bakery —yes, I'm slow working on projects—. While there is One Slot on the Top of the TRENDIG Boxes /!\ The boxes can not be stacked with the IKEA Kassett Boxes from ATS3. I still don't know why, maybe the slot flags on our items does not match :] If you want an IKEA Like Box I suggest you to Download Simlicious IKEA TRENDIG Patten here.

Both files have Four Recolorable Channels because I like the options :]
Trolley is under Surfaces→Coffee Tables/Displays/Misc
Boxes are both on Storage→Misc and Decor→Misc
Also those are Low Polygon Count models: Trolley with 544 Vertices & 394 Polygons. Boxes in Both sizes: 208 Vertices & 192 Polygons.

My TOU Has been Updated, it has new features by the way.

The .ZIP file contains the Three Files with Preview for every item.
All the files have passed through the Compressorizer Redux and are tested to the Max.
IKEA Is Fantastic, the next upload may be Clothes for Men or who knows!
Maybe a WhiteBoard or such.

Untill the Next Time!

Pixeden for the Ribbon.

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