Saturday, December 06, 2014

"You Are A Free Cow" — Fence Less Default Replacement

A friend of mine, Melissa [mspoodle1] said that it would be Great to delete the Fence from the Milkin' It Dairy Corral available at The Store, so...
Why the hell Not? 8)
Hello Buddies!
As you read as the top of the page, I made this for my Friend Melissa, she's a cool bean!
But OH NOH! I could have not made it without the Help of this great girl Aminovas! Whom is pure Awesomeness :]

But then Ami offered me her GREAT Cow Skin for release with this cool set, so you have Two Goodies; all we Ask for is to Please help another simmer called Hayley

Consider Donating on Hayley’s GoFundMe campaign!

This item did not show issues while testing it in AnyGameStarter —with only the University EP active—  so you hopefully won't have any trouble.
The Footprint —AKA the Green thing under every object— has been modified and you sims can pass through the places where the fence used to be, you also can put objects there too, it's a free zone right now.

However, I did not make the Footprint Smaller because the routing and it keeps being a big item

*The holes in the picture are made by the Murano's Backdrop.
But you will say: "How detailed is the Cow Skin?"

*The picture of above is just cut, any color edition.
Very Much! Ami did a Great job here, you can get More Cow Skins Here :]

Things to know!
  • This is a Mesh Default Replacement and won't do anything if you don't have the Milkin' It Dairy Corral from The Store, or from here.
  • Being a Mesh Default Replacement this won't change the catalog of the object, I refuse to Edit that resource; learn to do it Here.
  • The Cow Textures are made by Aminovas, all the credits go to her :]
  • You can install these files in your Overrides Folder, in case you don't have it, see it here!
  • Another Preview Here!
More Info about Hayley Here!

Milkin' It Dairy Corral 
Default Replacement

Brown Guernsey 
Default Cow Skin

All the files have been compressed in the CompressorizerRedux
Every ZIP has a Preview Picture
Remember that We have TOUs :]
Aminova's is Here while mine is Here

See you the next time!


  1. The LOD in hood view still has the fence. Any way to remove that?

    1. It is weird, because I just saw the file and I put the right LODs, maybe the Low LOD is not overriding it, I'm going to take a look. Thank you!


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