Monday, August 21, 2017

“TITAN” — Two Default Moon Replacements

And this time, a marvelous piece of our Universe
Titan: Saturn's Biggest Moon

Hey Guys!
A few months ago I got a big interest in Astronomy, I was learning about Saturn and I found this Amazing Moon: Titan, the Second Largest moon of the known Universe!

Infrared Version

Even though Titan isn't a colored moon as showed in the previews, the NASA got this cool Infrared Picture of it with the Cassini spacecraft and here I am, editing it and sharing it with you all (I know simsl3gacies already made the Moons of Saturn, but this version is different)

Titan's texture has been edited from NASA's picture on Infrared, my version has got rid of a few patches and weird shadows and it's a bit more colorful, making it more alive to the see.

Titan got all the phases like a normal moon, and here is a preview of them in action (from the game, the image above is the source images merged in one):

Here are some more previews of the moon:

And here is how it hides at morning:

Grey Version

Apart of the Infrared version I decided to do a grey version, so it looks more like Earth's Moon, but still being different, I only added a Black and White layer on Photoshop and added more contrast, the results were unbelievable.

Similar to Earth's Moon yet so different, I like how it looks like it has some kind of liquid on the surface, it's not just white and it's not as bright. Here are some more examples:

(Here I had the Auroras and they made this version look very well)

But its way to hide in the morning is my favorite part:

Bye love!

Important Notice!

This mood Removes the Moon Halo / Shine, because it edited the original colors, I decided to make a dark halo, so it won't shine and won't look less colored. Here is what it looked when the Halo wasn't edited:

This mod will conflict to any other mod that affects the Moon Halo, as this one.
This mod will also conflict with any other mod that affects the textures of the Moon. See the instances below:

The textures of both Moons are 512px x 512px (original game are 256px x 256px)
Now to download! Finally!

Look my Terms Of Use please :)

The .ZIP contains Both Moons
Please use ONE Only (and make sure you don't have any other Moon Default Mod)
Remember to put this on your Overrides Folder (if you have it, if you don't then Packages Folder)
Thank you for visiting!

Credits to:
Thank you <3

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