Monday, September 23, 2013

"Star-Lights" Ceiling Lamps — Updated

The Start of a Great Project
"At Tumblr, I have a Friend, her name is Stella
We are so far away but we are so Close ;)
Here starts this proyect, We are Our Inspiration
Why Don't you see her Blog?"

I've Updated the Medium LOD of the Plane Version, please Re-Download.
First of All, I want to write that my Friend has Inspired me to do this, she has made a lot of Objects, she's Proud of it, and I'm Pround of it too!
Here is where I start my Jump to the CC, Maya 3D has been a good boy with me, I still have to learn a Lot of things, but I will do it with love :3
The name of the collection is Inspired in her name, also in Spanish is like "Estelar" refered to the Stars, and also I'm hearing the song of Taylor Swift "Starlight" and I liked :)

This is a "Tiny" Download for you all
I have edited the Star from the Store and have made new positions, I think that it looks better :) The Glass version it's because Stella and I Love the Glass LOL


•The RGB is the Same for All the Stars with Three Channels
•Everything is Mapped in 256x256
•If you Merged them, they'll be a Tiny file
•Polycount for All Groups Both versions:
 LOD1: 302 Vertices, 160 Faces
 LOD2: 143 Vertices, 156 Faces
§5 for the Tiny Stars
§10 for the Bigger Stars
§15 for All Stars of Glass
•Categorized at Lights→Ceilings
•Tiny Footprint ;)
Those stars don't dissapear

The .ZIP File Includes Both versions, in Two folders
One Image is Included with the Names of the Lamps
I organize my CC ;)
This project has started!

Speacial Thanks to:
♦My Friend Stella, with her Amazing Works she Inspires me to do this, I Love you my Friend :3
♦Gosik at TSR for the Glass Tutorial

♦EA's The Sims 3 Store

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