Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Antraya Collection

“Happy Birthday Antraya"
"If you don’t know this girl Antraya I can say you that she’s one of the nicest persons I’ve met, I’m so glad to have her as a friend because She’s Always saying me “Don’t Give Up, you’re smarter than you think”, She was the first person I met on internet and it’s so beautiful to do friends, we don’t know when I will travel ;)"

Spanish Verion→Really soon!

I had more troubles than I expected, My internet died and my PC had a Virus :(
Now it's 18 in Scotland, and I Felt bad. My friend knows that I had troubles and it makes me feel a bit better.
So as a way for Show our Friendship I have made three objects for you all, especially for my Friend.

This set includes

•One Desk with EA's Basic Slots
•One Stool
•And Three Whale Lights



“Not-So Rectangular Desk” [Base of Awesims’ “Simple Desk”, Other details by me]

•Three CASTable Channels
•The glass is not recolorable, I could not fix it and I had not time
•§325 at Surfaces
•LOD 1: 603 Vertices, 96 Faces. Three groups
◘LOD 2: 328 Vertices, 220 Faces. One group
•8 Slots of EA
•Two Presets

“Zen Stool” [Converted from a Deco object from the Store]

•Four CASTable Channels
•§25 at Comfort
•LOD 1: 264 Vertices, 190 Faces
◘LOD 2: 216 Vertices, 136 Faces
•Two Presets

“The Big/Small/Tiny Whale” [Converted from a Deco object from the Store]

•Three CASTable Channels
•Transparent Design
•§20/§15/§10 at Lights
•LOD 1: Between 821 Vertices and 1092 Faces
◘LOD 2: Between 405 Vertices and 560 Faces
•Tiny Footprint
•Between One and Two Presets
•Soft Light

If you can not Open .ZIP Files
Go to my Drive Here, Both formats [Help?]

The .ZIP has two Folders, Everything is Organized for save time
It has the same Images you saw before but with less size
Compressorized and is Not Merged
I will be making edits and meshes soon :)

Especial Thanks To:
Antraya my Friend, I made this for you Darling :3 I hope you like it
♦Stella [AKA Everlasting-Garden] You helped me a lot with this, to learn together is awesome


♦EA Store 

Notice This:

When you do click in the PC for do a tramp they will be on feet
When your children play in the stool they will be floating a bit
Ignore the glass of the desk, it was a beta version


  1. I don't know her but I wish happy birthday to Antraya :) OMG, I'm in love with those whales <3 I'm going to download them :) I'm sorry for Your PC :C greetings :)

    1. You're so nice :3
      I'm happy that you liked, i thought that anybody will like LOL
      Thank's to a tutorial, my PC is better, silly virus!

  2. It's beautiful David, you did a greaaaaat job! ♥

    1. You Inspired me to do it, you always do a Great job my Friend
      The next IS for YOU!

      She's Everlasting-Garden in case you didn't know ;)

  3. Hello David I really would adore having those lights for my sims' home but the ZIP file isn't opening!

    1. OMG! Thank you so Much! I had forgotten to add the New System to this Post :3
      Now it is Updated in my Drive


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