Monday, September 02, 2013

"Some Thoughts" A Male Shirt

"Some Thoughts" For Male
I was not Dead
And as a Gift your you all I have this little -Not Really- edit
With Four presets and a Cool design :)
Spanish Version: Some Day LOL

Oh yes, after Two months I think I finally could Edit something :3This time because I wanted to do a Followers Gift for Tumblr, This is one shirt of the Diesel SP but I can not find the name, I saw it and I decided to edit it, Why Not? I already saw that someone wanted it, but I don't know If someone has done it before, I searched at MS3B and I didn't find anything

By the way, this does Not needs Diesel SP for work :]

Here's what I editted:

-Deleted the Pouch
-Multiplier Retextured, New Normal Map and Specular
-Added Bottoms
-Now it is close to the Body of the sim
-Has new Morphs
Now It looks better, well I think so :)
I'm adding the Direct Download to my site, so I will test it with this


Another Details of the Shirt:
-The Package is Compressorized and the Sims3Pack is not
-It has Custom Thumbnails becuase I love them :3 They're like the ones at the Top
 LOD_1: 2205 Vertices, 9876 Faces
 LOD_2: 1233 Vertices, 5400 Faces
 LOD_3: 0306 Vertices, 0915 Faces ←This one is Awful!

-Four Presets
-The Sim3Pack file is Bigger than the Package due the Icon
-Available at: Everyday, Formal, Sleepwear I think, Carrer, NOT Random
-The name is funny :3
Please let me know if I forgot Something

Mirror PCK | Mirror S3P

Special Thanks to:
Shokoninio, he helped me with a bug in the neck
♦Stella [AKA Everlasting-Garden], bacuse I was lazy for finish it LOL


  1. Thank you so much for making this! I always liked this shirt but never used it because of that weird pocket attached to it. Thanks for sharing! It looks great!

    1. OMG! You're so nice, I Really though anybody liked
      You made me smile so big :3

  2. that shirt is really usable now, thanks :)

    1. I though the same LOL
      You're welcome, people like you make me smile and feel cool!

  3. THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS. I loved the shirt but never used it because of that darn pouch.

    1. Thanks to You! Took me too much but I could do it :3

  4. Does this actually need Diesel to work?


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