Thursday, December 26, 2013

"Twinkly Twinkly" for Ceilings and Walls

A Twinkly Deco for your Sims
Perfect for Decor your Bedrooms, parties or Chisrtmas!
With Five options for recolor and a cute design!
Took me a long time, but it's finally here ♥
Specially to my friend Stella who's Awesome!

Hello! I haven't posted in Months! I feel so good.
Let load the Images, they're "HD".
Make sure you don't TL;DR.

Presenting the "Twinkly Twinkly" deco for your sims, why are they "Twinkly"?
Because of this:

They are similar to the Old Christmas lights, they change of colors and that's lovely, they contain 5 Masks that I won't show here —at all— but I have included 5 Presets, each one with a Different Mask, this means that it contains a Custom Thumnail per preset showing the RGBA:

I discovered that the number is not so visible because the icon of how it was installed is showing there, Wupps! See how it works.
The last two masks have been done by my friend Stella!

It contains for both versions Buy Thumnail, it's only the bigger. It is this:

Left→Ceilings §10
Right→Walls §8


•The wall version can be put over Windows without MoveObjects On. If you turn on the cheat and then go out without turn it off, the Window will Move. So have it turn off before go out of buy or build.
•The ceiling version cannot be placed where you want, it matches the Grid, and instead of that I give you Up-Down deco 8) Pocci helped me and she said that was cooler to have them to move Up-Down and I said yes. However that's better This I think.
•Don't put the Ceiling version close to the walls because it will be Into it.
•It moves Faster than in GIFs
 1760 V/2424 F
 1128 V/687 F
 But about 1300 at Tris
•Sims3Pack version contains a Custom Thumbnail for the Launcher.
•Found under:
             →Ceiling & Walls

The difference between these two is the position, I wrote it in the Description saying that you need —or not— a cheat.
Another difference is that the preset for the wall verion is like its thumbnail, Yellow with Red.
*These are not lights, you need some hidden lighting or whatever.

Finally the Download!

My TOU is Not an accessory :)
In case you cannot open .ZIP files

The .ZIP contains the two files with a Preview.
All files have been Compressorized and Not merged.
If Delphy's Dashboard says you that my CC conflict Go Here.
Thanks for Read —or not LOL— and stay tuned
because I have some gifts for Release 8)

Special Thanks to:
Pocci [aka Gardenbreeze] because she helped me with the Up-Down option and more!


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