Saturday, December 28, 2013

SimblrSanta Gift — For Stella

And then, we said it was a "Surprice"
Is this Coincidence? That we both were Selected?
Well we don't think so ;)
Enjoy my Gift, and Her Gift, which were "Secret"
Hey hey Hey! This time I posted Really soon! :D
Ok I'll start but Let load the Images:

This is the Gift for my dear friend Stella, I've done a lot of things for her, that's what big friends do!; this time it is for the SecretSanta that we played at Tumblr. I chose her ;)
So I have done this table a long time ago, inspired —or cloned— from here but I hadn't finished, I just wanted one Barstool! I searched and I found it. This was "Easy" if we can say that, but cute.

I present you the Bar Set I made:

With its Dinner Version:

Yeah in case you didn't want a High Table and a Barstool :)
They're the same, especially designed for Bar, and resized for dinner, they work as they should and everything is OK.
Their names are: "Bouchon" Stool, "Bouchon" Chair, "It's Time" High Table and "It's Time" Dining Table.


The glass is Tintable because I wanted to see the Clock, it is at 75 in Alpha I think. And about the Hands, they're one Channel but you can see a difference while recoloring.

I find more Useful to recolor from Top to Bottom, so you start with the Glass, but the hands of the clock are the last thing so you can combine 8)

•The Barstool and Chair have Cork texture, if you choose Wood while recoloring it looks awesome, 75% of the times I needed one I chose Random and I got a cool design.
•Both chairs are +++ at Comfort.
 High Table: Surfaces→Misc.
 Dining Table: Surfaces→Dining tables.
 Barstool: Comfort→Misc
 Chair: Comfort→Dining Chairs [It does not appear in Misc. but it can be used with Desks]
 Tables: 823 V/698 F
 Chairs: 1.466 V/1.312 F
•The High Table is Base Game Compatible, you do not need LN for make it work :D
•They have Thumbnails for the Launcher.
•With normal Slots, I felt lazy.

My TOU Always applies ♥
In case you cannot open the .ZIP file

The .ZIP contains one Preview, the one in which I wrote without letters.
It is Compressorized ;)
Let me know if I did something Wrong LOL
This can —or not— be the last Download of the Year, I wish you all the best!
However I have a lot of WIPs 8)

Special Thanks to:
•To Ivan [AKA PeaceMaker IC] because he helped me with the Presentation when I needed it :3

Tenoblogueando, because I took the Cork texture from there.
•EA and EA's The Sims 3 Store —The base game High Table comes from there—.


  1. what awesome gifts these would make!! Thanks so much to create suggestions to, you're so creative! I'll be trying this out at some part :-)


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