Saturday, August 23, 2014

"FRIENDS" Collection — Two Desks & Stool Set

We All need them, they're usually there, so Why Not a gift for them?
Enjoy the Fruits of the Happiness
Welcome Back to this Blog :]
I am so happy to show you this new set, it is so Special for me because it is for my Friends, some of you may or not know them but they have been like a Treasure.
I invite you to see their blogs, not everyone has to have a Sims Blog, you know.

For "Celebrate" that Friendship, I have meshed a New Set of objects, I consider that they are Really Beautiful and nice for an occasion as this; Two Fancy Desks plus a Fancy Stool.

That Desk Design is Not mine, it is Really Inspired from the "Can't Desk" by BluDot, while the Stool is Inspired and basically Cloned from the "Slot Together Stool" by Mike Hindmarsh, though it is a bit different.

There are Two Versions of the Desk, one With Cutout and one Normal. The Difference is that in the One with Cutout the Computer will look 75% better than in the Desk Without cutout; however they're the same and you can make an A if you use the ALT Key while moving them.

All the files have reworked Shadows and Details, such as the Wood Detail in the Stool, but yoou can see it Better here. Something that I love is that the Stool plus the Desks are Fully Recolorable, I used the same colors for the Metal & Wood but if you want, you can make them mismatch or style how you want. And because the limit between the Metal and Wook is UVMapped it won't look like if you had painted it.

I've also included Another New pattern, this one is by Rafi at GraphicsFuel with a Metal Text Style that had a Background. I reduced the Pattern to a 25% and made Recolorable as I've been doing lately, it worked really good :]

About the Slots, it has 26, you can see them on the Picture of above and they are made with a Grid of 1/8 of tiles on Maya, they're symetric but All of them are available for Small, Medium & Big Decor plus Fuctional stuff. The Computer looks amazing on the Desk with Cutout, while in the one without cutout it looks a bit off, but it was for not let it clip with the "metal" of the top, also the Homework will looks "Strange" a bit on the desks, however I have not seen how it works on other Desks by EA; Stool has only 3 on the Middle; by the way you can make your small set with §100 :]

The Polygon Count for them is Low, even if it looks complicated I could preserve a good Poly.
"Slot Together" Stool → 494 Faces/554 Vertices → §20 at Comfort/Dinning Chairs
"On A Day" Desk → 182 Faces/332 Vertices → §80 at Surfaces/Desks
"On A Day" Desk With Cutout → 234 Faces/392 Vertices → §80 at Surfaces/Desks

Remember to Know my TOU, I'm not asking you to read it but Know it.

The files have been passed Through the Comprezzoriser Redux for a good file size.
They were extensively tested on an empty world with only UNI EP installed.
I have added Thumbnails to every .ZIP in case you collect them for organize CC.
I still have some goodies! Did you see that Blackboard?


  1. It's an adorable set. Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous work.

    Sorry for being just an "anonymous" !

    1. Awww OMG Anon, it is really sweet from you, and being Anon is good! :] You're not "just", you're a person who took the time for write and it is beautiful

  2. I just love the pop of color. It's simple in design, yet really elegant! Thank you so much for all that you do. I really appreciate your hard work. :)

    1. Your sweet words have made my day Anon, thank you so much :}


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