Saturday, July 12, 2014

"NuBE" Anti-Theft & Smoke Alarm

The most advanced System created in Enekjaer. Buy it! This will protect your home, even your soul if you are Lucky!
Hello Gamers! This is the "last" thing I worked on and it is pretty cool because I was tired of the Non-CASTable & Non-Shiftable Alarms from the game, a Fancy cloud can be your new and most advanced system of security :]

Ok Start with the details:

But you will say "OH David, how will we know which one I need?" Well appart of the name the Preset is Different, Blue for Robbers while Gren for Fire! :D Aslo the Smoke alarm is at §20 while the Anti-theft alarm is at §35, it saves you a lot of money!

Some sims have said what they think and yeah, it is good.
There is an Issue with the Anti-Theft alarm, the Effects appear in the right top corner of the cloud instead of the center, I could not figure out what was happening but it is a minor thing, also the effect can appear in the ground too. Sims love them the same than they hate them :D
This item has Two Masks and Two Presets as well.

The Second preset has a Rings Pattern that I edited for this item, it will available for download Later, however it is Included with both clouds by default :]
Those items do not have Shadow because I didn't like them; the Polycount is Low with 292 Vertices & 284 Faces. Note that the pictures are not edited as my gameplay pics.

Respect my TOU please.

The ZIP contains Both files and they have been passed through
the Compressorizer Redux for make them Smaller
The "Clouds" Collection can finish with those items.
I have some IKEA ideas & projects, a preview is here.

"NuBE" Company came from my mind and it means "Cloud"
Yes! Very creative & clever LOL
Enjoy them!

Special Thanks to:
♦Melissa on >MSPoodle1 for test them and report bugs :]
•Design-Milk for the Main image from where I took this shape, Rainy Days I think it is called


  1. These are wonderful - thank-you!!!

  2. You are an amazing creator :)

    1. It is really sweet from you to say that ♥ Thank you!

  3. So nice and informative post. All alarm systems are very useful. Now a day these things are so sensory to protect our instruments. Here you have added two types of anti theft system, both are much help full.

  4. ahhh esto quedaría perfecto en mi rainbocy legacy!! .. gracias!


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