Friday, July 04, 2014

"Pixel Cloud" Paper Bag — Storage

Sometimes, a paper bag can store all your collections.
Welcome back, featuring my latest creation The "Pixel Cloud" Paper Bag. Keep reading for more Info :]
Hello! Guys :]
How I missed to post here, well here I share you this new project that came from the "nothing" and ended being fantastic. This bag is inspired —or "cloned"— from This Pin I pinned on Pinterest.
I plan to make a lot of things from my Pinterest but no time.

This bag is not so big, it has the height of a Coffee Table, even a bit more.
It has Rewored Textures edited by me with natural Shadows and the Folds, it looks real :]

This item is NOT a Decor, you actually can Store Stuff on them as the World Adventure's Chest.
The difference is that you can move this Bag in the Live Mode :]

When you click it there is an interaction called "See Inside" I think —my game is in Spanish— but I do not think your sim can see inside. However I made this item seeing the ATS3 Chest Like Collection. Just that is not a clon.

Poly Count: 236 Faces & 273 Vertices.

The important part bout this item and Why it looks so real: The RGB CASTable Channels.

This item has Two Recolorable Channels BUT I have made a pattern for this bag, the Multiplier is Not textured but the pattern is. I made it using the "Rice Paper 2" by Atle Mo at Subtle Patterns, took a long time but it finally had form, this pattern has Two Channels and it is included by Default on the files. I will put all the patterns I've done for download soon.

My Terms Of Use always applies, please respect them :}

The .ZIP contains the File & a Preview, because to know what you've downloaded is great
The files have been Compressorized and ready to install
Thank you for See!
I hope I can keep working on more cloud stuff :]


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