Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"Your Original Color" Baker's Bazaar Default Fix

I was not able to Recolor as I wanted, an Override can fix that :}
For guide you, this is the same second preset of the Collection & this is not actually a New object.
Hello Again! WUUUU! I feel creative these days.
However here I have this default replacement of the textures from the newest set at the Store, my sim Dan has a Store but when I added wood that was matching All it looked Awful! I opened the _IMG files and yep, they're Occlusions baked on a 3D Program. I cloned both items on S3OC and changed the strings so I knew what was the Original and the Clon ;)
Pictures are edited with Contrast to 50% on Opacity and lower.
You need to have the Original files, bought or not, this works.

The result is the next image, I didn't change anything more appart of the color. I used my Action for make it darker low to #808080, that's the right color while EA's in almost on #FAFAFA. LOL.

The top is my version while the bottom is EA's original version. I also changed the Specular and saw on TSRW, they didn't have Alpha Map and I chaged that too :)
The multipliers are not "The brighter, the better", because when you make it so white it will look like the next image, Brighter and Ugly. The preset is taken from the birds in the back.

In order to see the difference I took pictures of the two items I'm making a Default.
The Display & The Rack.

In case you cannot open ZIP Files
Go here, download by making click in the Arrow at the Right

The file has been Compressorized as always
If you have your Collection on Package format this has to go on Overrides
If you have your Collection as you should, this can file can go either on Packages/Overrides

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