Sunday, April 06, 2014

"We Both Know" Dandelion Lighting

But then, it happened...
My dear friend Stella has been one girl who has known too many things about me, we enjoy writing every day we can, we have a really good friendship. Now, I have one gift for her, Another I'd say.
This is "The Endless" collection because the Dandelions are that, Endless.

Welcome back to my Blog!
It has been a while since I do not post a download, but there are too many things I have in mind for create, I just need to find the time.

Today I have Two new objects, they are Two Dandelions, they are Lamps that do not iluminate too much because of glow* and they're almost Decorative. I had some troubles with the Transparency but the amazing Pocci helped me once again.

They are CASTable, I wanted to be able to customize them, the first Preset is a Textured Multiplier, the second Preset —not showed here, I'm sorry— is a Plain one but for it I made a Pattern, two Channels and it is included with the Big Dandelion.

  • Two Sizes, Two Files.
  • Two Presets with Two Different Textures.
  • Policount: 1310 Faces | 1179 Triangles
  • They're a bit high but it is a huge circle of 30° everywhere.
  • Four Channels recolorable, as always from Top to Bottom.
  • With a Small slot.
  • They work as you had the MoveObjects cheat turned On.
  • Its catalog name is "Diente de León", it is Spanish :) 
  • §25 for the Bigger and §20 for the Smaller
  • *The glow of the smaller Dandelion is reduced, I just forgot to update it.
The part two of this collection will be done soon hopefully, I hope it won't take a lot of time. Now proceed with the Download.

My TOU Always Applies :3
If you cannot open the .ZIP files then

The .ZIP files contains a Preview, because I like
The files have been Compressorized but Not Merged ;)
It was time to change of buttons, I liked them so much
Thank you so much for see!

Special Thanks to:
Pocci once again, this looked a bit bad before but she improved it :3
Obsidiandawn for the Main Texture
Heuga for the Middle Texture


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