Monday, October 21, 2013

"The Modern Seller" Insisible Rugs and Shelf

We don't need to See it ;)
Again, my friend Stella has been a great girl and person for me, she's always creating and being cool so I did this, the inspiration is here again :D

I thought that this look better invisible so, Why the hell not!
I was not sure about this, but a person at tumblr said me that it was Perfect :3 So here are 5 Rugs for you, it's NOT a Default Replacement

This is what you will download, in case you do it ;)


•Five sizes
•§1, §2, §4, §9 and §16 [Because the multiplication]
•Same poly as EA
•Invisible in Buy and Live mode, so don't forget them
•It shows the tags but I forgot to take a pic
Custom Thumbnail Should work


•Contains 36 Slots
•Two textures, one Semi-Transparent and one Solid
•The same presets that you see there
•§20 at Surfaces
•Poly: Low

/!\ You NEED to have Installed Midnight Hollow or the Extracted Set availble Here

If you can not Open .ZIP Files

The .ZIP file contains One Image and the Files 
Compressorized and Not Merged
I will edit later

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