Thursday, October 03, 2013

"For Us" Mini Livign Set

Inspiration is All what you Need
And Time
"Welcome to the Second Part of the E-Stella-R Collection, this time I have two new items for you all ;)
Stella is one of my bests friends, she's just Awesome
And what she does is Amazing, Why don't you see it?"

I have been busy those days since I released the Stars, I wish I had enough time for finish all my WIPs, that folder is a disaster LOL, well not really! I want to share them :3
Here I have two items as I said before, I liked and I wanted to share them. The table is inpired in a Real Table of a mall in my country ;)
P.S.: I won't change the way i show my items, I like because it's Unic


"Catch It" Living Chair
•Four CASTable Channels
•Two Masks, both with Four Channels
 LOD 1: 1321 Vertices, 1324 Faces
 LOD 2: 741 Vertices, 764 Faces
•Two Presets showed in the Picture
•§365 Under Comfort→Living Chairs 

"Cenizo" End Table
•Four CASTable Channels
•Two Masks, both with Four Channels
 LOD 1: 275 Vertices, 154 Faces
 LOD 1: 268 Vertices, 140 Faces
•Two presets too :)
My mesh :3
•Slots showed in the picture, Total of 14
•§60 Under Surfaces→End Tables

See the RGBA aka CASTable Channels Here

If you can not Open .ZIP Files
Go to my Drive Here, Both formats [Help?]

The .ZIP file contains One Image and the Files
Compressorized and Not Merged
The Third part is Soon ;)

Remember that my TOU is not an accessory

Especial Thanks To:
♦Stella [AKA Everlasting-Garden] You are the reason for this, I love you my friend, with your creativity you help me :3


♦EA's The Sims 3 Store

P.S.: Notice that the End table has a shadow in the legs, Blender made it and I discovered it when I was in game; Also the ropes of the Living chair are dark :)


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    1. Awwww :3 And I love you!
      Anybody had commented before so I was alone LOL

  2. Finding this site is like finding a extremely rare relic, you can't find best qualities creators like you, keep it up and I'm really forward what you can do with The Sims 4

    1. OMG! Anybody had said that before and my ♥ is Melted :3 This is the best thing I've read today, you made me feel Awesome!
      Thank you so much!


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