Sunday, June 09, 2013

MoodMood Two Emotional Shirts!

MoodMood Shirts
"MoodMoodMood! Yesss!
My first Shirt
And It's Recoloreable ;)"
Spanish Version→Another day [Sorry]

This time I posted Soon; This is the second file for the "DavidMont 200-370 Series" Collection and These are my first Shirts for the game.
The inspiration comes from a good app for iPhone called Mr. Mood, designed for see the Moods through the weeks.
The faces are Not Stencils, they're only Edges added to the Overlay.
It has 5 different Masks for Each Shirt, so you'll get 10 Pressets with Custom Thumbnails, that are the same in pictures.

Oh I'll show you the RGBAlpha:

→Four Recoloreable channels for both ganders.
→Three for the male shirt that applies to 4 Pressets.

→The meshes come from the Pets EP for the Male version, and the University EP for the Female version.
→It is Base Game Compatible, took me a long time to do that but It is!
→The files have been Compressorized due the size [It was BIG

The shirts are available for:
Everyday, Sleepwear And Athletic
Not available for Random

This face→ :|
Is the latest, I was forgetting it and Workshop didn't let me move it, it was crashing every time

Sorry for use happy poses in unhappy shirts, that's funny!


Sims3Pack available→Here
Mirror: Package | Sims3Pack

Sims3Pack available→Here
Mirror: Package | Sims3Pack

I have updated my TOU, it is cool
See it→Here

Special Thanks To:
♦Stella [Everlasting-Garden] For let me use her convertion, and give me emotion LOL
♦Stevey [Trstmeimaliar] for Help with the male mesh :D
♦Thomas Castel of Mr. Mood for the inspiration

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