Sunday, June 02, 2013

Le-Arned: Gallery of Art

Welcome To Le-Arned, The Gallery Of Art For Learn.
"How will we do Art if there are not Easels?
Go to Le-Arned, the perfect place for LeArn"
As I said in the last building: After a Million Years I have something.
This is Le-Arned, I built it a Month ago I think, Now it is CC-Free [Except for the same patterns], It is part of my new Collection "DavidMont 200-370 Series" due Tumblr.

Sometimes I think that I'm doing Not-Very-Used Lots, but it's cool!
As Always this is a lot 20x20, and I was forgetting the bathrooms again LOL

Ok Keep Seeing ;)
This time I don't have a lot of pictures

 This lot has something Especial, see it:
First Wall at the Left

Front Wall

Diagonal Walls

I used the Seasonal Lot Marker as a Festival Grounds, The paintings should Change in all the Seasons, and the Building Collection is only for One day before the Main Collection.
This is the first room of the building, so Here is the Seasonal Collection, In another room is the Old Collection.
Took me a life to make it No-CC, and I built it thinking in my sim Aphpo.

You can see All the pictures →Here


Only Top View→

Custom Content:

As I said Before, this lot is CC-Free as Hexa!
Just 5 Patterns but If you have Hexa! then only one.

No-CC but the 90% of the EPs
I finally did it LOL
Mirror→ DropBox

 Thanks for Reading and Enjoy!

Special Thanks To:
Antraya, becuase she Always Inspires me with her sims.
♦Liane [UrbanHypeSims] for Test it, and Help me with all.
♦Stella [WeBothKnow-] Even if you're in a Kind of Hiatus you always tried to make me feel better, and you're always exited about my Lots.
Kilhian My friend, Your story always Inspires me.
♦Claire-Anne [SimfestatSimblr] for Give me inspiration with her posters.


  1. Oh I love it so much! (I have been looking forward to it since you showed me picture a little while ago!) It's beautiful and awesome, just like you David <3

    1. A big While ago LOL
      OMG! Stella! I didn't know that you were looking forward :3
      You know that I love your creations, I should give you something ;D
      I LOVE YOUU!

  2. You did an amazing job, my friend! ♡

    1. Do you know something?
      You girls inspire me to do an awesome thing, I think it's good, even if the sims doesn't go to Galleries of Art LOL
      Anyway you know that YOU, are the most cool
      And I'm glad to have you as a friend :3

  3. Replies
    1. AWWWWWWWWW :3 Thank you so Much!
      I made it for you :D


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