Wednesday, July 12, 2017

"Rider" Skinny Fit Pants — The Perfect One

Wear a brand new pant!
Perfect for boots and all kind of clothes!

Hey again guys!
Today I bring you this cool pant, it is the Riding Pant that came with Pets EP but Retextured and also edited (I edited the mesh so it would be seam less).

It is base game compatible and it comes with Three Textures, Six Presets and Two Patterns. All in a single file <3 (If you want to use the patterns in other clothes, I suggest you to save the preset in your Pattern Editor, later I will make a Pattern Set)

Let's take a more detailed look of it.
This is what it looks on the front:

From left to right: Medium Folds, Hard Folds, No Folds or just Plain.
Hard Folds is ideal for Jeans and Formal like pants.
Medium Folds is ideal for Formal pants.
Plain is ideal for Leather and Plastic pants.

Look those cheeks!

From left to right: Plain, Hard Folds, Medium Folds.

The texture of the Hard Folds is based on Real Life Clothing, so it looks good with realistic folds but not excessive. That version is the most versatile. While the plain version is ideal for Latex/Leather looking pants.

You can see how Hard Folds has a heavier texture, yet cool!
The pant comes with 3 Kind of Masks for Recolor it:

Each one gives the pant different effects based on the texture you choose! They vary from Three to Four recolorable channels, ⚠ Be aware that the gradient mask generates a white like effect on the pant, that's why on the main preview the pant of Levi (the blue one) has a different color ramp, this can be seen more on the thighs.

These are the patterns: Cotton Drill and Corduroy. They're recolorable in Two Channels. They come into the file as well, depending on the colors you chose, it looks very realistic. They're based on "Kinda Jean" by Graphiste and "Vertical Cloth" by Krisp Designs both at SubtlePatterns (Now TopTal).

This is what the presets look like, I based the colors on GEF's Clothing, the order of them it's how it's shown here (on plus this is the CAS Custom Thumbnail):

Presets 1 & 2 Have the Hard Folds Version.
Presets 3 & 4 Have the Medium Folds Version.
Presets 5 & 6 Have the Plain Version.

⚠ Be aware that sometimes some custom shoes do some interference with the pant. That's the shoes fault because none of the EA shoes do this.

It contains all the morphs and levels of detail.

Now you've seen all it's time to download :D

Look my Terms Of Use please :)

The .ZIP contains the File along with a Preview
The files have been Compressorized and ready to install
Thank you for visiting!
There is much to come :D

Credits to:
  • Mimi (@my-simension) at Tumblr for the Idea and the Inspo.
  • Graphiste & Krisp Designs at SubtlePatterns for the pattern texture.

Thank you <3

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