Thursday, April 27, 2017

Mimi's Broom Arena — A New Arena for your Sims

Happy Birthday my dear friend Mimi
Hey again Sims Community

Hellow again old friends!
Today I bring you a gift because my dear friend Mimi (@my-simension)
She asked me a while ago to so this, but sadly I could not make work the Default Replacement, so this makes the trick!

So let's see it:

This is the EA's Broom Arena (kinda big)

And this is what Mimi wanted:

A Broom Arena without that lot of space consumed by columns and fences!
So it fits to your world ;)

And the results are lovely:

This object is a simple X in the ground, you click it and you can use it as a normal Broom Arena
It comes in Two Presets (It is super small but it is Fancy!) with Two Recolorable Channels

It is in the same place than the original Broom Arena:

  • Entertainment > Hobbies and Skills
  • Outdoors > Outdoor Activities
Its price is just §25 and its polygon count is just 4 Vertices and 2 Faces (super low)

However it still uses the same footprint

Do not forget about the Terms of Use :D

The ZIP contains the file and a preview pic

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