Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"HERZ" Mirrors Set

Showing the Love through a Mirror
Hello People!
It's been a while since I do not post here, but I finally wanted to fix my game and this Gift came back to my mind :] This again for my adored friends who always are adorable.

Those mirrors are kinda cool, they're fucntional and there are two sizes, Normal and Smaller :]
The inspiration came actually from a S3CCWish by iliketodissectsims at Tumblr who wanted this Amazing Mirror from MadCloth.

Since we cannot —I really do not know— have mirrors that can go up and down in the walls, I created two aditional Mirrors, they're just for decor but they look as great as the originals.

And since I Adore the fully customizable things, I've given this mirror Four Recolorable Channels; because the metal won't go always with your style LOL

Polygon Count: 523 Faces & 534 Vertices
Found under: Decor→Mirrors & Decor→Misc



At this point, you should know all about Terms of Use :D

The ZIP contains the Four files and they have been passed through
the Compressorizer Redux for make them Smaller
They include Preview Pictures

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