Sunday, November 09, 2014

"Grandma" Lamps SET

Because not Everything is by a Famous Designer!
Grandma gifted me a Beautiful Lamp, so Why Not Two? 8)
Hello Budies!
After my Long Hiatus and the Successful last Upload —which acts weird and still needs a fix!— I came back with those Huge Lamps, YES! They are Huge, and kind of cute!

This lamps iluminates as the University Life EP but you don't need it, it does not glow too much and does not shine too much neither. See an example picture:

Because 20% is nice, also it is Fully Recolorable and has a nice Polygon Count

  • 521 Polygons & 598 Vertices with Shadow says S3PE but the lamp is Around 503 Polygons
  • Found at Lighting→Table Lamps & Lighting→Floor Lamps
  • Buy the Set for just §100! Table Lamp at §35 & Floor Lamp §65
  • This looks great in an OMSP Resizor too
  • Pictures are not edited


Remember my TOU Please

The ZIP contains Both files and they have been passed through
the Compressorizer Redux for make them Smaller
They include a Two Preview Pictures
I have some stuff to release this week too!
Enjoy Them!

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