Wednesday, May 21, 2014

"Serena" a Tiny Coffee Table

Sometimes the things can be created fast :]

It has been a while since I don't post anything here so I took the opportunity to Edit the "Grecian Coffee Table" from the Store as SerenaSims wanted, 1x1 tile matching the 1x2 tiles.
It was a very simple edit but I liked so much :]

  • It is Smaller and Cuter
  • The Mask still matches because I reUV-Mapped it
  • It has the same textures as EA's coffee table & the same Polycount
    848 Vertices / 828 Faces
  • It contains 21 slots as EA's
  • I does not have occluders, I'm sorry {that's a shadow generated by the light sources and it can be horrible}
  • Its price is half of EA's table: §150
  • Four CASTable channels

My Terms Of Use always applies, please respect them :}

The .ZIP contains the File & a Preview, a tiny Thumbnail
The files have been Compressorized and ready to install
I will add the No-ZIP later
Thank you for See!
I'm working in too many things
But I have no time for them </3
By the way the pics are a little dark.

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