Friday, February 14, 2014

"Captastic" with Love for Kimberly

CaptainSimerica as know as Kimberly is a really talented girl
BeSimblrValentine has been a great opportunity for me to meet her
I have made something for her, and something Exclusive for her
I feel so happy!
I hope you All enjoy it ♥

Hello People!
I hadn't posted in a long time, I have too many WIPs I wish I had time for share them
OK, Inspired from the TRENDIG Collection 2013 at IKEA I made that beautiful stool and Table, I love the colors on it, it is Bright!

I still love that stool, I love the details and all on it
It looks the best on Bright Colors, and also normal Wood
This table is Different, I made a detail under the circle, it is not full visible but it looks good, also this table is Bigger than EA's Normal Size
Do you see that CS? Well that is Kim's Gift ♥ It is a radio and I love it LOL

  • The table has Three Channels
  • The table has 9 Slots for out objects, and the dishes
  • The Stool has Four —I like Customizable items ;D—.
  • The Stool contains 5 Slots for put things, I put the little Duck

I hope you all like
Especially Kim ♥


  1. Thank you David! Both table and stool look lovely! I like that they have multi-CASchannel. :D


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