Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Delphy's Dashboard and "The Modern Seller" plus More CC from Here

Not a Download. Click on Images for Zoom.
A simmer from Tumblr said me that My Rugs conflict Each Others at the Delphy's Dashboard, that's True.

Crinrict has a tutorial about this here, but it Used to said "Conflicts aren’t an issue if they were made by the same creator." and I still believe it, but it's Updated and he says "Mods that show as conflicting need to be removed" by Mods I understand a Modificator as MasterController instead an Object and I based my Theory on this "Dashboard does show Twallan’s Careers and MasterController Mod as conflicting although they don’t conflict.".

And that's not the only thing, All my CC looks like conflict each other, even Items non Released yet:

Any of the items Above has been released, they're WIPs or failed WIPs I've forgotten to Delete.

The items Above are conflicting, maybe because I used the Same patter on Them.

If you're worried about this, then you have Two options:
1→Merge the items You downloaded from me that make conflict.
2→Delete them.

When I merged "TMS" the problem Disappeared :D

By the way I never saw a problem In Game

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