Sunday, July 21, 2013

"Smart Sound" A New MP3

"Smart Sound" A Showtime MP3 
For Your Sims
I was bored of the Non-Recolorable of the Showtime EP
So... Why the hell not?

Presenting to you All the New MP3 for your lovely Sims :)
It is NOT Base Game Compatible, it's cloned from the Showtime EP

It uses the Smartphone form Uni EP but SHT compatible
After edit in Workshop it is Late Night Compatible too, but I tested it without that EP and it Worked, It does NOT work without Showtime Otherwise It'll be Deco.

And not, I was not dead LOL

There are two Versions, one more cute than the other

→Showed in Electronics/Audio
→It is mapped in 512x512 so It looks Really good in game
V.1 With details, V.2 is a plane version
→The detail of the speaker is in the Muiltiplier so It'll be recolored with all
Four presets
→It Does NOT have thumbnails in the screen, I mapped it but I was lazy. If you want to add a thumbnail then look at the DDS Files. Credit is Nice.
You do NOT need Late Night
→Custom Thumbnails [Don't know if it works at all, Forgot to delete Caches]
→Package Has been Compressorized 
§100 Simoleons
→224 Vertices and 186 Triangles

Sorry for not post these months :)


See my TOU, It's Cool!
Thank you for See ;)
Let me know if you have problems with this.

Special Thanks to:
♦Serena [Serenasims] becuase she gave me with my Inspiration
Antraya becuase she's Wonderful with me
♦Stella [Everlasting-Garden] becuase My friend always has helped me, even with that beautiful shelve in one picture.

→S3OC, S3PE and TextureTweaker3
→Orangemittens, Milkshape and Blender
→Adobe PS
→TSR Workshop
→Just Be Nice Studio and a Template of an iPhone


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    1. Oh sure! I'm so sorry for reply after two months LOL

  2. It's amazing :) I'm waiting for your next post :)

    1. You're so sweet :3
      I wish I was so inspired, but you gave me some!


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