Sunday, May 26, 2013

The next Week, I'm still Alive LOL

I have not forgotten my blog, I reached 300 followers at tumblr so I have some gifts for them and I always post them in this place, I'll show you what's coming the next week:

This is a Gallery of Art, I made it thinking in my sim Aphpo because he needed to learn the Art skill, but there are more thing so... Read more?

And this is a house made for my household Moldano, he now has a girlfriend so I made this house CC-free and it is half-decorated, perfect if you like to decorate but not build.

I have made accessory a hat, it is the Santa's hair from the store, I just need to test it and see it how it works.
I also want to do another hat, so I'll see.

I'm thinking in make a Retexture of a hair, but I need to see if someone Retextured it before, if it is Retextured then I won't do it, but if it is not I'll do it LOL.

I wanted to do some poses but maybe for the next time, by now I don't have inspiration for bodies

Until the next time! I don't even know if it's right so, Bye! 

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