Saturday, April 06, 2013

I'm Not Dead!

Well, I've not posted, Becuase I was Stuck so yesterday I started this
At the start It was going to be a Library, but I said "Why not a Nerd Hangout?"
So this is my Current WIP

I have so much WIPs but Unfortunately I can't finish them, one reason is that my game is now laggy :C

This will be posted one day of this Week :D
Take care, And Happy Simming!


  1. I love the 'soon this week or the next' part xD
    But I shouldn't laugh, I am a pro at the delay thing v.v
    And unless you added a lot of stuff recently your game shouldn't suddenly lag... you broke it :o Nah joking, but check if you have some incompatibility with the dashboard maybe?

    1. Jajajajaja I laughed Too with that, but I say at the moment "Oh it's good" and after that I said "OMG What did I write?"

      Ouuuummm About my game, it keeps being sloow, I only have 99MB of cc
      9 on DCBackup and 90 In Overrides jajaja
      Well today I'll install some patterns, Lights, and put again my UserPresets

      If I'm good building, I'll have that for Wednesday with pictures and all post

      I'll see with the Dashboard
      Thank you for help Me Friend c:


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