Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pose Pack of 4 Poses + Bonus

A Set Of Four Poses + Bonus
"This time, I made a set of poses.
I was trying to do couple poses, but I didn't find a tutorial for that.
So Here you have, please Enjoy them :D"
I made this pose pack because I always take this positions when I'm in the Ground.There is only one that I usually don't do; so this poses are based on the real life.
I used this poses for a beach day, I had to decorate All because my World is Empty, But at the start I used them for a park (Another WIP) And they look beautiful.
I believe that you cuan use them in a bed with the OMSP!, maybe they look cool :D.
The pose pack is Pose List compatible.
I'll show them now.

Pose Number One:

Pose Number Two:

Pose Number Three:

Pose Number Four:


I think that the Thumbnails are important, this is shown in the game if you download the complete pack:

Bonus :D

Meet to Carla & Mercurio.
She's a PlantSim, And He's an Unicorn.
They're packaged in a Household with §22.000.
Just Enjoy Them :) 

Get All the files in one ZIP
PoseList and Non Pose list

Carla & Mercurio BabinBoth sims, single and together in a ZIP

Applies TOU

Aditional Thanks To: 


  1. Great work for a first pose pack published!
    I especially like how much work and effort you put into the expressions on their faces and the hands. Too many pose creators (beginners or not) don't put enough time on those.

    I agree and confirm, they should look fine on a bed using the OMSP, but also on a roof or something similar.

    As for the bonus, I do not have University yet so I can't use the plant sim but she is cute! However I have pets and have been too busy working to find a unicorn yet, so I will get that one.

    Thank you!

    1. Thank You Thank You thank Youu
      The hands always are the most hard, and the face Jummm
      I tried to make smiles, and i think that they're ok :D

      Carla is a really nice sim :) I got her yesterday, and about Mercurio, he´s from Aurora Skies, my sim Aphpo saw him And took him to home :D

      Thank You a TON for your compliments
      This is the first time that i meet to someone that is so Good
      Happy Simming
      And Take Care Please ;)

  2. I agree, great work indeed :)
    Looking forward to see more poses from you

    1. Thank you So Much
      I'll try to make more poses
      Sometimes i don't feel inspired to do lots, so I'm good inventing poses
      Take Careee!
      And Happy simming! ;)

  3. There are many good people out there, I hope you will find a lot more ;)
    Your poses are now published. Take care!

  4. Love these poses, thank you!

    I'm not sure what program you're using, but ArtistKate has some good tutorials on her site, including one for couples in Milkshape. I found her tutorials very easy to follow.

    Thanks also for the clear thumbnails, I agree, those are important. Great job.

    1. Oh my god, You're so cute
      Thanks to you :D

      I work with Blender
      Once I tried to make a pose with milkshape
      The results=Awkful

      Thank you so much for the link
      Tomorrow i'll try to do them in Milkshape

      And Enjoy my poses Please

  5. (forgot to say)

  6. I love these too................ I will totally be using these.

    1. Thank Youuu So Muccchhhhh
      They're a good pose pack :)


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