Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Welcome To The Loft: LoftTing 1.0 & 2.0

Welcome To The Loft: LoftTing
"Why live in a Tiny Apartment of Bridgeport When you can live in Your Own Loft?.
Something Simple And Comfortable, Enjoooooooy.
Coooome, Surely you Won't Regret It."

I made this loft for my Fireman sim because he lives in Bridgeport and i hated his Tiny Apartment.
I've Always loved the lofts, I do not Why; And now I love Them a Ton.
When I Started to Edit this House, it had a Lot of CC, I've Reduced all to 5 Things and certain Patterns.
I Do not Know, But I think that I'm going to come back to this Loft.
Now, I love it more than Before.

This Loft consists of:
First Floor
-Dininig Room
-Little Bathroom
Second Floor
-Master Bathroom

Here you have a Complete Air Snapshoot:

I built this loft in Bridgeport and in my World (It doesn't have name yet).
The size is from a Bridgeport lot.
Its size is 40x44.
You can use the VelocityGrass's AddAnyLotSize for get the perfect size.
I played a lot with the Gray and Green colors, I think that they look good Together.
Ok, I won't write more, See the pictures:


Maybe you want to see More images.
You can go here and See more:


For the Version 1.0
For the version 2.0
Without Pets EP

Custom Content

-Clear Window Full Height, Angela - TSR.
-Oval Living Set 2 of DaraSims (Changed to Sims3Pack) Download Here.
-LampeCoursive By Rabiere (Nof Found) Download Here.
-HomeBar WallLamp Lower of SIMcredible! Designs

P.D.: Four necessary patterns included in the Loft 1.0 & 2.0 (they were already in my game, I do not know who did them)

You Can Download The Loft Right Here

(Version 1.0 With Pets EP)

(Version 2.0 Without Pets EP)
I hope that You have enjoyed this



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    1. You're welcome :3
      I still remember when i could build, now I only ca make objects :0


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