Monday, December 24, 2012

Fire Station N 38

Welcome To The Fire Station Number 38 
For The Sims 3
"Are you going to work? Does not seem to...
In this station we worry about the great heroes of our city, Why don't art, music and entertainment? As well, check that here is. That if you do not neglect at any time sounded one of the three alarms by Salon."
This is a very particular lot..
It doesn't seem that you were going to work Just look like if you were going to play and learn.
I made this station because I have a Fireman sim and because i don't like the stations of the game.
Makes me sad that my sim won't go more to this station.

This station has:
-Reception and Internet room
-Kitchen and entertaiment
-Library and Logicus zone
-Two trucks with the maintenance objects
-TV, Videogames And Dance
-Integrated Arts
-Terrace with telescopes
-Small park
-Parquing (Max. 4 Cars)

Top View:

This station was built in Monnlight Falls.
It's size is 32x25, Easy to put in Edit Town.
If your sim isn't fireman looks cool in the town view.
More pictures of it:

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You Can Download The Station Right Here:
Custom Content:
This station only has the BahHaus garage door as custom content, it comes in the Structural Set
You can download it in the Store but see the Text in the ZIP.


This design is not mine..
This station is in Seattle, WA
Look it:


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