The Not so Loved: Terms of Use

I Have Rights Over My Creations

Welcome to one of the less visited pages on my blog, remember that the "I didn't know" does not "Exempt You" from the "Law". So you better know what you will do.

Since I do not win money with these creations I share on here you are not allowed to:
  •  Win money from my work in Any way. Any means: Short my links with an Add system such as Adfly and Linkbucks, the "It was not on the list" does not Exempt you from skip this term.
  • Sell my work.
  • Use any part of it and then win money with it.
  • Clone them and/or change the Strings/Medatada and all what indentifies them In Game.
You are allowed to:
  • Edit my creations for Personal Use, if you pretend to share your improved version or your Merged file then you Should Contact me before release it. The "I could not find a way to contact you so I took it" is not a reason because I have a Tumblr Askbox & a Contact Form, including comments on this blog and I get EMails from them Every Day.
  • Reupload my Creations in your Lots/Sims Only if you make a Text File with an Exact Link to the blog post where you downloaded my creation. If you are not going to do this then just link back here so the people as me that collect Images labeling the new CC can see the source. The "It was so hard to find" is not an excuse because I have a search system on here.
Credit wants everyone, but I want the Source of the content.

Converting to Another Games
  • You are allowed to Convert my files to The Sims 2, you can see more about it on this blog post. Make sure that you Ask me first for stay tunned when you will release this item because I also have the game and nothing on it.
  • You are not allowed to convert in Any way my work to The Sims 4, neither meshes or Textures or Any component from them, Anything is Anything. It has been said on 29-07-14. This can be changed on the Future but Who knows?
  • You may be allowed to Convert my Work to Another Game, for this one you Should ask me even more so I can see how it looks like and if I can get the game too.
Retexturing My Files

This is one of the longest parts about creation, this is the Face of the Mesh and this is even harder than the Mesh itself.
  • You are not allowed to Retexture my files if you want to share them as a new object, this means that you can not share your Retexture With my Mesh, but if it is for personal use you can do it, I cannot Hack your Computer.
  • If you feel that you need to share your Retexture then you Need to share it as an Override File, pretty simple.
  • If you feel that a part of the Texture Map from a file of mine would look good on your mesh then you should go and tell me at the messaging system, so I can see how it looks like on your work.
This Statement has been Updated sucefully at this line on July 29th of 2014.
This statement will be updated soon in the future. 

If you feel that you Can Not follow these simple terms then Do Not download Anything from this blog, If you Can then let me Congratulate You.
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